An innovation in outdoor grilling that just makes sense.

Meet the first grill accessory storage system that enhances your outdoor grilling experience. Here's our story and what makes VGASS different.


A storage solution every grill owner really needs.

After years of struggling to make my outdoor cooking experience as efficient as my indoor one, finally, there's a solution. See, I bought quite a lot of accessories to go along with my Kamado Joe -- deflector plates, drip pans, a pizza stone, cast iron grates and griddles, and a bunch more. Like many grillers, though, where do you store these when not in use? Searching forums and multiple high-end vendors didn't solve my problem. So, I came up with my own -- the VGASS, a high end, robust and practical solution that would accommodate most grills, smokers, and the accessories that go with them.

No more searching for misplaced tools or rummaging through cluttered drawers. No more breaking your heat deflectors and soapstones -- everything you need is right where you need it, so you can focus on grilling delicious meals.


“I enjoy my grills (two and counting) and have around two dozen accessories for smoking, searing, and traditional grilling. I love these accessories, and many of
them are pretty expensive, but they give me the ability to deliver many different types of meals. The problem for me is organization and storage. Stacking these expensive tools in a cabinet or on a cart is super messy and in my case caused a few of my accessories to break making my experience pretty miserable. I wanted an easy-access, high-quality storage unit that solved my organization problem. Only, I couldn't find one. That's why I created VGASS. VGASS is a game changer!!!

— Founder, George

Level Up Your Grill Game

Our mission is to bring a better, must-have storage solution onto people's patios and outdoor kitchens that changes not just your grilling experience, but how often you enjoy outdoor dining.